「His Bosom」Official Music Video

I won't leave you, I won't abandon you
I will never leave you behind, come into my arms.......!




Bring You Home

What does home mean to you?
Love is seeking someone like you who is feeling lost in your own life.
Where is the shelter for our souls to rest?




2016.1.5 - 「His Bosom」Official Music Video


2015.1.27 - 「His Bosom」PV is coming soon!


2014.9.26 - Welcome to Fruits of Lips(フルーツ ・ オブ ・ リップス) OFFICIAL WEBSITE


2014.8.15 - 「His Bosom」is under producing


2014.7.30 - 「Bring You Home」Music Video was accomplished


2014.5.15 - Start manufacturing Fruits of Lips’ OFFICIAL WEBSITE


2014.5.11 - New Song-「His Bosom」was accomplished


2014.4.15 - Now working on「Bring You Home」’s Music Video


2014.1.22 - 1st Album was accomplished


2012.8.26 - 「Fruits of Lips」 unit was formed in TOKYO